Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on MindWriters. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Purpose

    1. The Mindwriters forum is a community of hypnotists focused on the exchange of knowledge, techniques and experiences. Anybody can participate in the discussions even without any prior experience as a hypnotist. #
    2. A minimal knowledge of hypnosis and the way it works is expected. For instance:
      • Asking what kind of induction you should learn first, is allowed.
      • Asking what an induction is, is not allowed.
    3. The discussions are to be had from the point of view of the hypnotist. For instance:
      • Describing how your subject reacted to a certain script, is allowed.
      • A subject describing a subjective experience in the context of a broader discussion, in order for the hypnotists to get a better understanding of what happens, is allowed.
      • A thread where subjects only describe their subjective experiences, is not allowed.
    4. You shouldn't oversell scripts/files or only partially describe the effects of a script/file. This can be desired when promoting scripts/files to subjects, but shouldn't be done here. For instance:
      • Stating that a script/file is the most powerful experience you ever had, in the context of an analysis of the file, is allowed.
      • Stating that a script/file is the most powerful ever and that it will have a specific effect, is not allowed.
      • Describing the effects/suggestions of a script/file incompletely by intentionally leaving some out, is not allowed.
    5. Ethics and trust play a major role in hypnosis. You shouldn't advertise or encourage manipulative or destructive behavior. However, if all parties have given their initial consent (and are legally able to give their consent) or if the discussions are hypothetical, then posts are allowed. If not otherwise implied, it is expected that one of those two conditions are met. For instance:
      • Asking for advice on how to best formulate a suggestion to dumb somebody down, is allowed.
      • Asking how you can best hypnotize somebody you know without them knowing, is not allowed.
    6. Linking to files, images and videos that contain subliminals must contain a warning and a description of the potential effect and should be linked externally.
      • Discussing a file containing subliminals and their effect while providing an external link, is allowed.
      • Posting a link to a file containing subliminals without a factual description of their content, is not allowed.
      • Having an animated gif with subliminals integrated into you post, is not allowed.
    7. The MindWriters community is a community of enthusiasts that do not have any formal training. If you need medical advice, please consult a certified practitioner. #
  2. Categories

    1. The Mindwriters community is first and foremost about factual and constructive discussions. While it does not mean that casual discussions are prohibited, those should be kept to a minimum. The forum is structured in the following manner #
    2. The first category of this forum is open to all. it groups the following topics:
      • Starting with hypnosis
        Ask for advice, share experiences and get feedback on how to begin in hypnosis. What to learn, how to learn and when.
      • Hypnosis techniques
        Ask for advice, share experiences and get feedback on inductions, deepeners, awakeners and techniques that get your subject where you want them to be.
      • Positive Hypnosis
        Ask for advice, share experiences and get feedback on suggestions and other ways hypnosis can be used to make life better.
      • Erotic Hypnosis
        Ask for advice, share experiences and get feedback on suggestions and other way hypnosis can be used in erotic ways.
      • Live Hypnosis
        Ask for advice, share experiences and get feedback on using hypnosis with an audience or with unknown and unpredictable subjects.
      These are the main topics on the site. We encourage experienced hypnotists to answer beginner questions in these threads in order for everybody to enjoy the forum. #
    3. The second category is in read only for all new members. It contains the following topics:
      • Long Term Hypnosis
        Ask for advice, share experiences and get feedback on how to use hypnosis on the longer term, what's possible, how to do it and be safe.
      • Hypnosis Programs
        Ask for advice, share experiences and get feedback on long term hypnosis programs.
      After having participated enough on the site you can request write access to this category. There is no fixed number of posts or required age of the account. The quality of your posts and your understanding of the subject will be what we analyze. Any member who shows a decent understanding of hypnosis will get access. You do not need any advanced knowledge, but practical experience will be valued. Long term hypnosis and programs need some experience to get right. This restriction is aimed at improving the quality of the discussions. #
  3. Prohibited Content

    1. The sharing of any full content without the consent of the copyright owner is prohibited. Sharing parts of a script as part of an analysis of the script, is allowed. #
    2. While discussing commercial files is allowed, it is forbidden to link to anything else than the official page of the creator, except if you are the creator yourself. #
  4. Wiki

    1. All users are provided write access to the mindwriters script wiki. This wiki is intended to be a collection of scripts written by the community. We encourage any member to publish, edit and comment scripts there. #
    2. You are required to use the provided page template in order for all scripts to have the same layout and contain the same required informations. To insert the template, just use the button over the creation text field. #
    3. Every script page should contain a section with a detailed description of the scripts goals, the triggers it requires and implements, and for what type of person the script is. Feel free to provide more information to help others understand the script. #
    4. The scripts are intended to be as modular as possible:
      • Induction scripts should just contain one induction and no deepener. If there is a point where you switch to something else please create a deepener fir this part.
      • Deepener scripts should only contain one independent deepener, and not be a collection of them.
      • Suggestion scripts should only contain one trigger or suggestion, as far as you can separate them.
      • Awakener scripts can contain a part to get the subject back into trance after the awakening. If there is any deepening after putting the subject back into trance, please create a deepener script for this part.