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Welcome to the Mindwriters Guides and Script Wiki.

This wiki is a collection of community written guides and scripts for you to use freely.

The community guides are part of a project that aims to create a complete overview of hypnosis, starting from the basics and exploring all facets of hypnosis. We welcome anybody to participate and help us reach this ambitious goal !

This wiki also hosts scripts. Each script can be seen as a module, so that you can, in principle, put any induction before any script and chain multiple scripts into one, long, session. However, keep in mind that scripts can have requirements (a trigger to be implemented) or be tailored specifically to a personality.

Everything on this wiki is published in the public domain and can therefore be reused without any restriction.

Feel free to contribute by adding your scripts/guides or improving existing ones. Please don't publish any script you don't have the rights to.


Please read the rules of the forum before posting